Unwed Welsh Boyo

Are you reading this because you have found or received a postcard featuring the poem ‘Unwed Welsh Boyo’?  If so, welcome.

I hope you will take the time to look around my blog but, before you do, could I ask you to do something for me?  There should be a number on the reverse of your postcard, in the top left hand corner.  Would you please leave a comment with this number and also let me know the area in which you live. You only need to be as precise and London, England, Nice, France or Vancouver, Canada for example.  If you also, want to add a bit more detail about where you found to card, or who sent it, that would be great.  (If you prefer not to comment here, perhaps visit me on Facebook or Twitter to have your say.  Thanks.)

I’m asking this (a) out of curiosity and (b) in order to reward the holder of the most far-flung postcard, as well as the person responsible for it getting there (see Verse in Unexpected Places 2.0 on this site for more details of how your card may have reached you).  So, if you leave a comment, you may get a prize!

Thanks again for visiting.  I look forward to hearing how far the postcard poems have traveled.

Update:  The competition is now closed.  Please feel free to leave a comment anyway.  Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Unwed Welsh Boyo

  1. Met Judith on a train. I was born in Trinidad, spent most of my life so far in Ontario, Canada and now live in Arizona, USA. That is far flung…….a citizen of the world

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