Mad Man Knitting

I woud like to introduce you to a brave and inspirational man.  His name is Gregory Patrick, he lives in the US and knits teddy bears to keep a roof over his head, and over the head of his little kitty, Mario (actually a she-cat!)

I did ask Gregory if he would like to post as a guest on my blog, receiving an explanation of certain ‘artistic issues’ in his response:

As for a snapshot of myself…..Hmmmm. See? That’s where I have a small problem. I have a VERY hard time condensing myself! That’s why I write and write and write…..I babble on with my words. You’ve seen some of my blog posts. They can be LOOOOONG. I can do my best, and can hope to do my best to do a smaller version, but I totally allow YOU to do one if you wish. :)”

Having been given such permission, and given that this dear man is knitting as hard as he can to honour his orders, I have opted to write a little about the impact that Gregory has had upon me and mine.

I initially came across this talented knitter due to being part of the Love Bomb community (see their FB page here .)  At the time, his life was very chaotic, the only real constants being his feline companion and his ability to create very adorable knitted bears.  I began to follow his blog and gradually things began to improve.
Some time later, Gregory offered to send bears to people really in need of cheering up, one in every ten created.  This act generosity from someone still very close to the bread-line themselves is just one example of the way in which Gregory rarely – if ever – thinks only of himself.  I was on the verge of buying a bear for a member of my immediate family, who was and remains very unwell, but decided to ask if he would gift one instead.  I offered to go ahead and purchase one, especially if there was someone more in need of the free bear.  However, true to his nature, Gregory swiftly knit up a sweet little orange bear and dispatched him to the UK with in a sturdy box.  This was very, very much appreciated.

So, you see, this is a man who has battled against the odds, and is still battling.  I encourage you to go and visit his blog here.  Perhaps you can add an encouraging comment whilst you are there, or even buy one of his little bears.  I am sure Gregory – and Mario – will thank you for it.