Christmas SALE!

Hello you lovely people. How are you doing? Did you get trampled in the rush of consumerism that is Black Friday. I hope not. I hope you have remained safely unsquished and kept hold of your hard earned cash. You have? That’s good. Very good.

Because I have a Christmas SALE!

Sorry. Don’t know what happened there. Got all shouty. Try again.

I have A CHRISTMAS sale.

Hmm. Not much better.

Look. I’ll just say this. My little chapbook, Taking Flight, which expert reviewer Steph Warren of ‘Bookshine and Readbows’ says would make a good stocking filler, is going for £2 plus P&P from now until Christmas (please allow time for delivery). Email me on to order a copy.


I’m off now to gargle salt water. All that shouting hurts…


One thought on “Christmas SALE!

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