What book…?

This one!

It would appear that I told you about the chapbook being placed in shops, before I actually told you about the book!  Well, let me redress that.

“Taking Flight”, published by Sampson Low is my first anthology, consisting chiefly of verses created during my creative writing studies.  Many of the pictures in this book were also produced during times of work and study, where drawing them helped me concentrate on the content of the meeting/class etc .  Honest!  I hope that the resultant combination of words and doodles is a quirky, thought-provoking collection that people will enjoy.

You may buy this book directly from me for £4.99 incl. P&P  by emailing DithParity@gmail.com.  I will even sign it for you if you wish.

Update: From now until Saturday 6th October, 25% of profits from every sale will be donated to St. David’s Hospice Care.  The reason for this is the excellent support they gave my father-in-law last year.  (The date also marks the day on which I shall be doing a sponsored abseil, with butterfly wings.  As you do… ) https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/abseilingdith

9781910578865.jpg (1241×1755)

Taking Flight
Judith Parry
Published July 2018
ISBN 978-1-910578-86-5
A6 Size
16 printed pages
Chapbook 30
Print run of 100

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