What I did on the weekend (2 of 3)

Here continues the tale of what I did on the weekend of the Coda festival in July.


As some of you may remember, we left my Hop4Hope interactive display in a state of semi-completion in the reflective tent on Friday evening, it having previously embarked upon an unplanned and disruptive meander around this venue.  Come Saturday morning – after the free breakfast – I dismantled the display and reconstructed it in the Hub tent, narrowly seeing off a last minute pretender to its new location.

Once in its new – and final – site, the installation invited people to ponder ‘hope’ in connection with concepts of inspiration and deflation, using the space-hopper to help visualise this.  The friendly orange orb also provided a surface on which people could write their replies to the questions: “What brings you hop(e)?” and “How can you bring hop(e) to others?”. These replies were to be collected and incorporated into my 5pm presentation in the Words tent.

Around mid-afternoon, the Supportive Husband turned up with an answer to some of my own hopes, bearing boots for the near-saturated feet of his forgetful wife.  He and I then dropped in on an intriguing, tech-based reflection led by DJ Andy Hunter and followed this by attending an introduction to a fascinating range of ancient instruments delivered by Nigel Mason.  Our tastes are nothing if not broad ranging.   We also entertained ourselves by watching the young – and not so young – people who were evidently enjoying the space-hoppers now bouncing around site.

Eventually the time came for me to prepare for my evening presentation.  Space-hopper? Check.  Daft hat? Check.  Even dafter t-shirt? Check.  Well, if I wasn’t ready now I never would be.  What followed was a brief one woman show entitled “The Space Hopper is my Spirit Animal: Perks and perils of being full of hot air, larger than life and frequently deflated.” It provided an insight into my own journey from hopelessness to hope, and seemed to strike a chord with the audience – including those who were good enough to ‘volunteer’ to participate.  Thank you (you know who you are!)

me n hopper

Once the performance was successfully completed, I was able to relax.  After bidding farewell to my flying-visit-making Supportive Husband, I went on to appreciate offerings from the various talented contributors to this brand new mini-festival.  The evening culminated in the Mass Jam in the Hub tent, a raucous, joyful collection of skilled instrumentalists and singers.  The whole thing came to a close on a high note – both literally and metaphorically – with an impromptu rendition of Amazing Grace that threatened to take the roof off the tent.  What a day!



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