Hop for Hope

I have been teasing people over on my Facebook page for the past few weeks, making references to spacehoppers, poetry and hope. The time has finally come to reveal why…

The good people of Gwyl Coda – a Wales-based arts festival which aims to inspire faith and action – have awarded me a grant. In return for their investment, they get a poem about hope featuring spacehoppers.

They get a bit more than this, actually.

Members of the church I attend in Newport, S Wales also get to benefit, as will communities further afield. Well, that is the plan anyway.

Phase one is already underway. I have started to gather responses to a few questions on the subject of hope. Church members are being asked what their hopes are personally, for the church/community and also on a wider scale. I am also seeking to find out from each person what they can do to help make these hopes a reality. Simple really 🙂

Once I have gathered all the replies, I intend to set to work and poemify them (what do you mean that’s not a word?) The resultant poem will then be performed and filmed for distribution far and wide – or around and about a bit at least. The performers of the poem will be the very people who were invited to answer the initial questions. As for the spacehoppers, they are just a bit of fun really. Plus any excuse for a play on words, as well as playing on retro toys!

As for anyone who may be disappointed to learn that this hopportunity is unavailable to them at present, do not dismay. Phase two will involve encouraging more people to hop on board.

There may even be a competition. With prizes. Big, round hopping prizes…


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