Retrospective items: 1 of 3

A while ago, I wrote a poem which was allegedly about Victorian Swansea.  Having been successfully shoe-horned into an exhibition on that theme, it was recently returned to me.  I’ll let you see for yourself why the link is quite so tenuous.  Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Tempest Prognosticator

Slimy creatures start climbing as storms brew,
As Doc Merryweather well knew,
So he built a fine leech barometer
Which was then used to monitor
The onset of approaching storms.

His 'jury of philosophical councillors',
Most unusual of weather announ-cilors,
Would climb as the atmosphere changed
Causing small bells to ring as arranged,
Early forecasters in primal forms.

Had in Swansea this means been adopted
New leeches would needs be co-opted
As they'd tire from such frequent prediction
Of the near-constant rainfall affliction
Of this city.

This however did not come to pass
For the far less intriguing Storm Glass
Was the choice of the Government-types
So no leeches would crawl up their pipes,
More's the pity.

Tempest Prognosticator

To learn more about this fascinating invention, and perhaps get some idea what I’m going on about, visit:


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