A Launch from 10.

I was privileged to be able to attend the launch of a book called Ten Swansea Writers earlier this month. Two of these writers are good friends of mine and, in the wake of such a great evening, I hope I may be able to count a few more of these talented folk amongst them now too. (Please?)

One windy Swansea Wednesday, I joined a horde of happy people who were gathering in Tino’s on Wind Street (appropriately). I was met with a voucher for a free drink (always a good start) and proceeded to mingle. After a time, we settled down to hear the work of the aforementioned ten writers, many of whom turned out to be very fine orators too. The range of writing was as broad as it was deep, spanning the wonderfully absurd to the deeply personal and moving. An eclectic mix of talent.

These writers could justifiably have filled the whole evening with their own readings, but were generous in giving the middle slot over to Open Mic. Here the variety of talent continued. At one point, however, a strange woman leapt up to read her poem about wearing a hat. She was caught on camera below. (If you see her, do not approach; she is not armed, but is known to unpredictable, erratic and possibly dangerous.)

Other pictures from the evening can be found here.


Do go and take a look, and perhaps find out how to purchase a book. I can thoroughly recommend it.


One thought on “A Launch from 10.

  1. Thank you for kind write-up! Personally, I very much liked the Woman in the Hat. What was her name again? Ditch, was it? Dirth? Ditt? Something like that. We do hope she will come again and grace us with her presence and fine poetry 🙂

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