Flowers and Fruit

Allegorical title, that.

So, aeons ago, it would appear, I blogged about forthcoming plans.  As it stands, only one of these is in the process of coming to fruition, another is still gradually growing and yet another has unfortunately had to be pruned away.

In reverse order, the FaB Intervention has fallen under the secateurs of necessity.  The day when this event is due to take place coincides with my need to be doing something else entirely.  This something appears in the form of project management for the community garden of Sustaining Life, another of my ventures.  (Take a look at if you want to know more.)  Mel Ezra, co-host of FaB, tells me that it is likely to be an annual event, so Blue Morpho could still be spreading her wings again in future.

The fruit which is gradually growing is my intention to put pen to paper and write a book.  It’s happening.  Sporadically.   That’s better than not at all, right?

The plan which is coming to fruition actually features flowers.  Thus:


This was produced for the forthcoming Art of Caring Exhibtion, a response to the theme of Resilience.  (More details here: )

So, yes.  Flowers and fruit.  Hope you have enjoyed them.  As always, please let me know what you think.  If you leave me a comment, I can also drop by your virtual residence too..

Dith x


2 thoughts on “Flowers and Fruit

  1. Beautiful Dith, that is beautiful!
    It makes me think of one of my favourite books/stories… Do a search for The Man Who Planted Trees (French title L’homme qui plantait des arbres) by Jean Giono. You’ll find a French and an English version of a drawn animation on youtube. It is patiently uplifting.

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