Forthcoming Attractions

Man, this blog needs a dust! It has been neglected for so long. Time to put that straight, or at least make it less wonky.

Well, the Art of Caring Exhibition (which I blogged about here ) and A FaB Intervention (blog here ) are both approaching again. I need to get my act together and work out what to do for each of these fabulous events, curated by equally fabulous folk. (Waves at the curators, you know who you are! 😉 )

The Art of Caring is on the theme of Resilience this year, and a few ideas are sloshing about in my head at the moment. The strongest at present is the image of plants pushing their way through cracks in paving, but I think the character of people who keep getting up, day after day, despite chronic illness is also worth exploring. One, the other, both? I guess something needs to be put down on paper in order to answer that question.

By contrast, I’m reasonably sure that Blue Morpho is going to make a repeat visit to Bath this year. I have not yet decided what my alter ego is going to do exactly, but encouragement and leaflets are likely to be involved. Not vastly different to last time, but I’d like to add a twist to my complimentary compliment slips. Perhaps with some element of paying things forward being included.

I’m also putting pen to paper these days in an attempt at longer form prose writing. Oh, okay. I may as well say it. I’ve finally started writing my first book. 40-something years is more than long enough to just think about doing it, the thing isn’t going to write itself!  My discipline is appalling though, I have no schedule or routine. I suppose I should instigate one really, as carrying a notebook in which I write when the mood takes me is only going to get so far.

So, there you have it. Some forthcoming attractions from the fertile soil of my mind. I just need to tend these seedlings and produce something now. Did I say just? Hah! Having the idea is the easy bit! Wish me luck…



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