A very lazy update…exciting for me tho!

Received this in my email inbox the other day (pause to do the strenuous work of cutting and pasting):

Hi (insert my name and that of 14 other artists here)

As you know your work received special praise from the Nursing Society at Kingston University at the Art of Caring exhibition earlier this year. The event itself was very well received and has since received press coverage in the medical press for its positive and thought provoking themes.
Your artwork was printed at a larger format and many of the exhibition visitors and students identified your work in particular. A couple of weeks ago we set up the exhibition on the walls at Kingston University (School of Nursing, Frank Lampl Building, Kingston Hill Campus, Kingston) and once again it sparked a flurry of appreciative comments.
The University have asked me if they could use your images to represent Nursing at Kingston. Initially they would be used in an email sent out to students that have been accepted on to the nursing degree but have yet to start. They think it’s an excellent way to bring life, compassion and a positivity to Nursing at Kingston University and St George’s University of London. In the email there would be links to articles, websites and video.
The email would include your name (below the image used) and a link to your website. Hopefully this will bring a new audience to your work. We are asking your permission to feature your image in this way.

Drop me a note telling me and/or staff member from the University (who I’ve cc’d here) whether this would be ok.
Best wishes,
(If Kingston University wants to reproduce your image in any other formats then they will seek further permissions or licensing)

What d’you reckon.  Should I say yes?

Kidding!  I’ve already said yes! 🙂


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