And the winner is…

… Alice Sullivan!

… also Miss Lisa!

Event no 1:  Free Verse (aka the Ultimate Postcard Liberation)

This month has seen the last of my free range postcards of ‘Verse in Unexpected Places’ winging their way into the world.  The sterling efforts of Alice ensured that one of these peripatetic poems reached Tasmania, the home of Miss Lisa.  As per the rules of this final postcard push, in that the sender and recipient of the most far-flung card would each receive a prize, I declare Alice and Lisa to be winners!  (Cue round of applause and rapturous cheering.) Be watching your letter boxes, my friends, prizes will be on their way to you very soon.

Honourable mention needs to be made of Louise Rigdon and also Dee Teal for their support of this little endeavour.  Your encouragement has been very much appreciated.  Additional thanks are due to the rest of you lovely folk who opted to receive and liberate these samples of postcard poetry, I hope you have enjoyed taking part.

So here endeth the creative endeavours of May 2015.  Roll on June, I feel as though I am just getting started…*

*Though I could be wrong.  Just watch my car of creativity stall on the next hill!


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Thank you!!! It was a pleasure and privilege to take part, actually, I think it’s a brilliant idea (and incidentally the post office lady in Killay does too, she welled up when I explained the experiment and actually cried when I went back with the extra one).

    There’s a poster in the car park by the old St David’s that says “more poetry is needed” and I think you are doing a sterling job responding to the call. I wish I was as brave or creative.

    I’ve heard of ones in California.. Queensland, Aix and Glasgow too, don’t know if they’ve been to the blog though.

    Not usually accustomed to public speaking I seem to have made a speech after all. Sorry!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the experience. Was a pleasure doing it, and I am so pleased the post office lady was moved by it.

      It’s a simple thing, really. I don’t believe it requires bravery, but then it doesn’t scare me as a concept. If it did, then I would be brave. As it is, I am simply showing off!

      As for your supposed lack of creativity, I say to you ‘pah and fiddlesticks!’ That is patently untrue. You are a very creative and talented soul, never doubt that.

      Becky Lowe actually shared a pic of the poster you mention on Facebook. I stole it and used it as a header for my Facebook page for a while. Great minds think alike and all that.

      Thanks again for your part in spreading these little offerings far and wide. It is all very well my coming up with the idea, but without folk like you, then the postcards would still be in a heap in my house. As it is, they’ve travelled from Ghent to Aix (well, not quite, but it is a sneaky literary reference, so I’ll let it stand!) Bless you sweetie, you are a star!

      An essay from me by way of reply… All the best people are verbose, evidently 😉

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