These are the results of the UK jury. . .

. . .Alban Low: 12 points!

Okay, so that slightly obscure opening probably requires a little explanation. Which leads me to the second of my creative endeavours this past month, namely:

Event no 2: The Art of Caring Exhibition

The gent mentioned above was responsible for bringing together a diverse range of people and talents to celebrate International Nurses’ Day on 12th May.  This began with the opening of an exhibition at the Rose Theatre in Kingston-Upon-Thames, to which various artists had submitted postcard-sized pictures on the theme of care and caring.  A few of these had been chosen to be enlarged and thus featured more prominently, of which mine was one.  (I think I may have actually squeaked with glee when I learned this!).  Here it is:

Hard Rain

The exhibition remained in situ until Saturday 16th May, when the event was rounded off by a show called Nurses’ Got Talent.  For the record, they have indeed! The Husband and myself went along to see this, as well as view all the work on display, which was very impressive.  There is in existence somewhere on the Husband’s camera a photo of me grinning inanely whilst standing next to my work.  I am nothing if not pleased by all this!

I have learned that the Art of Caring Exhibition is due to go on tour, so my fame (!) may well extend to further reaches of the UK. Also, I am looking at an opportunity to exhibit this particular piece nearer home soon.  Watch this space for updates.

In the meantime, however, you will learn of :

Event no 1:  Free Verse (aka the Ultimate Postcard Liberation)

. . . coming next!


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