Well, May has proved to be a crazy kind of month so far.  In a good way.  Let me tell you about it but, as many folk in the UK will be watching the Eurovision Song Contest at present, I shall announce my creative endeavours in time honoured fashion. Reverse order.

Event no 3:  A FaB Intervention in Bath today.

Today saw me adopting the persona of my newly discovered alter ego Blue Morpho.  This transformation took part chiefly by means of donning an electric blue party wig.  But my, what a change!

I found myself empowered by the confidence conveyed upon me by (a) the wearing of a wig plus (b) being somewhere that is pretty darned eclectic at the best of times and (c) where no-one in fact really knew me!  So, what did I do with the new found power of being Blue Morpho?

I gave people compliments.

I had spent yesterday evening wrapping sweets in compliments slips (you know, the type you get with documents from official sources, in lieu of an accompanying letter).  On these slips were compliments, along the lines of ‘Do you know you totally rock?  Well, you do!’.  Today, I ventured out with my full complement of complimentary sweets and attendant compliments with the sole purpose of giving them away.

I met some lovely folk as a result.  After all, who doesn’t like to receive a compliment?*  Some people also took the opportunity to return the compliment, by writing some kind words of their own to be handed out by me to another passer by.  Very sweet experience, seeing people lifted by the simplest of things. 🙂

If you have come to my blog as a result of following the link on one of the compliments slips, please don’t run away.  Take a look around this little corner of the web that is my blog and, if you like, leave a comment.  Perhaps even a compliment.  Thanks.  You totally rock. 🙂

*As it turns out, quite a few people don’t want compliments.  Not when offered them by a blue wigged loon in the centre of Bath on a Saturday afternoon anyway.

Coming Next

Event no 2 : The Art of Caring


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