Verse in Unexpected Places 2.0

Hello and welcome to Verse in Unexpected Places 2.0.

Following the first iteration (good word that) of this adventure in poetry, I have decided to take a different turn.  “What is it?”  I hear your cry.  Well, if you are sitting comfortably, I shall begin…

Until now I have been the sole distributor of my free-range poems.  Now I am giving you a chance to take part.  Yes, you!  Anyone who would like to help me in spreading the joy of unexpected verse will receive two uniquely numbered postcard poems; free, gratis and for nothing!  All you have to do is leave a comment expressing your interest in the box below, and I will be in touch.  Simple as that.

The only thing I ask of you in return is to leave one of the postcards for someone else to find; locations to date have included railway stations, cafes and libraries, but feel free to increase the territory of postcard poetry with your choice.  There is also the option of posting or delivering the card to someone personally, instead of leaving it to be found. The only hard and fast rule is that you pass one of the postcards on.  Okay?  Good.

So, apart from the joy of having your very own limited edition Dith Parry postcard poem, and also the pleasure of sharing another, what is there to gain from taking part in Verse in Unexpected Places?

What?  You want more?

Well good, because there is more.

Each postcard contains a link inviting people to visit this very blog.  Until the end of April, I will be dedicating my landing page to Verse in Unexpected Places.  I will be asking the recipients of these postcards to add their comments, letting me know the number of their card and also the location in which they found/received it.  The sender of the card which ends up furthest from its point of origin – i.e. my home in Pontypool, Wales – will receive a prize!  Yes, a prize!

So, what are you waiting for?  Leave a comment below to express your interest, and join me in leaving Verse in Unexpected Places.


8 thoughts on “Verse in Unexpected Places 2.0

  1. The unwed Welsh Boyo has made it all the way to Melbourne, Australia!! And he’s very welcome here!! Sending his counterpart to places unknown… 😉 Thanks for sending it Dith, it’s delightful!

  2. oh and he’s made it here too, only 3 days later! Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia (about 330km’s or so due South of thewebprincess (with the small matter of Bass Strait in between us!) 🙂

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