For World Mental Health Day

This time last year I posted a poem for World Mental Health day that could be considered deep, and perhaps even meaningful. This year, I shall swerve that, in favour of something I hope will make you smile. Sometimes the simplest things can lift our mood after all. Hope you enjoy it.

Very Bad Dog

Lucky will shed fur all over my chairs,
Lucky will at scratch the door,
Or run like a lunatic up and down stairs
Then flop in a heap on the floor.
At night he will curl up, all snug on my bed,
So we are both lovely and warm.
Until an insistent paw pats at my head
To signal the first light of dawn.

Lucky will loiter around by my legs
To show me just how much I mean;
Yet this is truly the way that he begs,
It says his food bowl is too clean.
He’ll wave his long tail and gaze into my eyes
To ensure that I quite comprehend
That I must not skimp on the portion size,
After all, he is my best friend.

He’ll sit on my lap whilst I’m reading a book
And then disappear for some time
Returning with the most insouciant look
As if to ask,‘What? I was fine!’
And tho’ I will scold him, my dear little mog,
He’ll not be much troubled by that;
For these things – which would make him a Very Bad Dog –
Simply mean he’s a Typical Cat!


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