Without Wings, Without Wheels

Have no new inspiration of my own for you.  Instead, here is a random question prompted by listening to the song ‘Roam’ by the B52’s, which the Husband has been playing in the car.

What forms of transport could a person use to roam around the world – if they wanted to – without wings or wheels?

So far, I have:

– walking (and other forms of self-locomotion, such as hopping, skipping, dancing, running etc)

– horse-riding (and ostrich-, elephant-, very large dog-riding perhaps?)*

– helicopter

– hovercraft

– boat (but does that count if the boat is steered by a wheel?)

– cable car (again, the pulleys have wheels, so is that permitted?)

– sledge

– swimming

– parascending

I am sure there are plenty I have missed.  What do you suggest?

*Ostriches also have wings, but they are vestigial and thus not used in locomotion.  This does however prompt the same conundrum as the wheel in the boat and pulley system.  Permitted?


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