Update on the first guest post

Just over a year ago, Jill Grey helped me to launch this weblog in its initial form. She has now published a book called ‘After the Rehearsal’ which charts the ups and downs of her time caring for her husband with dementia.


Jill will be guest speaker at the Writers Aloud event tomorrow, https://www.facebook.com/events/586569374785561/
Expect a glowing review (I anticipate it will be glowing) on this blog in due course.

Jill’s original blog post follows:

Telling Stories

I have been asked to write my story for this weblog.

Why me?

Because I am the wife of a man who had Dementia. Dementia is easy to say and easy to write but not so easy to understand.

‘Why me?’ is a very good question.

When Chris was first diagnosed there was no magical clap of thunder that turned him from one sort of person into another. There was no particular moment telling me that this day or that week was the start of the disease. But like the constant ebb and flow of sea on rocks it had continued to erode his memory.

In the early years, there were things he gradually became incapable of doing but on the other hand there was still plenty he could do, so life, while being rather strange, was still fairly normal. His changes were so gradual that I found I was…

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