Writers Aloud once more

Another fabulous evening with my writing buddies at the Goytre Arms last week.  It was good to spend time with friends, especially those who have been out of the loop for a while for various reasons.

Not many people had come with the intention of sharing their work this month, so we took the opportunity to have a much needed catch up.  A number of us also stayed on for the quiz, where our team ‘The Polite Clappers’ came a respectable third place.  (Team name courtesy of pub landlord Rich, who has commented with amusement on the way we applaud each other during our Writers Aloud evenings.)

I must confess to writing very little new material recently, so I will wheel out one of my older pieces with which to entertain and inspire you – well, hopefully.

A Gloucestershire Landscape

Golden corn
Stacked in stooks.
Honey-light streaming
Through blue-sky patches.

Uneasy leaves
Rattle the trees.
As the wind rises
With threat of rain.

Scudding shadows
Punctuate the green,
Pursuing one another
Across the verdant hillside.

Sons of the soil
Gather in the harvest;
Protecting their treasure
From approaching storms.




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