Writers Aloud

Once again, my online life has suffered at the hands of real life.  Consequently, I am dropping by quickly to redress that by telling you about the poems-and-pints-open-mic-thing which I help to co-ordinate.

Writers Aloud takes place on the second Wednesday of the month, every other month, at a local pub called the Goytre Arms.  Excellent food starts the evening for some of us, with the rest turning out later to lubricate the vocal chords with fine real ale (other alcoholic beverages are available) and share our work with each other.

The most recent evening took place on 9th April (I *did* say it had been a while since I last posted) and was the usual relaxed mix of poetry, prose and banter between good friends.  The Facebook page for Writers Aloud can be found by following this link and you may find out more about the Goytre Arms by clicking here.  

If you live in the local area, you would be most welcome to come along to our next evening.  People are welcome to take part or simply to listen.  As long as you enjoy yourselves, that is fine by us. 🙂


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