Exhibitionism – an advance warning

My offline life has been an emotional see-saw recently.  This is like a roller coaster, but far less fun, and goes some way to explaining my lack of online presence.  Apologies if you missed me.

I am attempting to atone for my absence with this brief mention of an event at which I will – once again – be making an exhibtion of myself. (This is getting to be a bit of a habit).

One of my poems is to appear in the JawSpring exhibition on 21st March, which the perceptive amongst you will recognise as World Poetry Day.  This conveys upon me the privilege of being a Sushi Laureate at this event, as the haiku in question (below) is to be immortalised in sushi.

Young rose blooms bee strewn
Open petals beckoning
Pollination time

Don’t believe me?  Follow the link and find out…



2 thoughts on “Exhibitionism – an advance warning

  1. Aw, I hope things will go better for you in your offline life, and that we get to see more of you around here soon! As for you presence over at JawSpring… very very cool! You’re getting famous!

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