Releasing postcards into the wild

So, why have I started a new page entitled ‘Verse in Unexpected Places’ on this blog?  I’m glad you asked.  I have been having a bit of fun with one of my poems recently.  This one, in fact:

  • Unwed Welsh Boyo
  • So much depends
  • upon
  • The unwed Welsh
  • boyo
  • At the station
  • waiting
  • Inside my pulse
  • quickens

Those of you who know the work of William Carlos Williams will recognise this as being a tribute to his poem ‘The Red Wheelbarrow’, which we studied in class sometime last year. As with the foot poem in my previous post, I initially wrote ‘Unwed Welsh Boyo’ as a bit of nonsense.  Once again, I was surprised at the positive comments it received.  So, when an slightly daft scheme involving postcards popped into my head, this poem was an obvious choice.

I took it and printed it on a postcard along with the picture of the steam train which I am using as the new header for my blog.  I then had one hundred copies made, and subsequently started the process of release.  Free the postcard hundred!  So far; trains, station waiting rooms, platforms and even the loos at one station (by the hand drier) have become temporary homes for these creations.  Only a few cards abound in the wild at present, but this will change over time.

There is some blurb on the back of each postcard which exhorts the finder to keep or send it as they see fit.  The web address for this blog is also there for people to follow, fnd the ‘Verse in Unexpected Places’ page and leave comment if they so wish.  So far, no-one seems to have taken the bait.  I live in hope, though…

Incidentally, for those of you who may be wondering, the ‘boyo’ in question is now my husband.  The poem relates to the first time we met. 🙂


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