Making another exhibition of myself.


I must confess, I have been showing off again recently.  This time, I’ve had a poem displayed at Creative Bubble in Swansea, as part of the 15 Hundred Lives exhibition.  I initially wrote this free verse as a bit of nonsense but was pleasantly surprised when it received some positive feedback.  So, in the spirit of not trying too hard, I turned it into the visual piece pictured above.

I have also trascribed it below in case you have trouble reading my writing, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  • What’s afoot?
  • What’s a foot?
  • A metrical, poetical unit;
  • iamb comparing to a summer’s day
  • or
  • Trochee! Trochee! Burning bright
  • perhaps.
  • What’s a foot?
  • A five-toed,
  • fleshy appendage
  • attached to my ankle
  • that keeps my leg from
  • fraying
  • at the
  • end.
  • What’s a foot?
  • Twelve inches,
  • but I don’t use it as a rule.

8 thoughts on “Making another exhibition of myself.

  1. Ive always liked that poem. Glad to see you are finding places to display yor work. I like you want to become an accepted writer. So hat off to you or in your case moustache lol xx

  2. Funny thing, To me my foot is a foot, a whole twelve inches, being size 12 and all that. Maybe i was built to be Imperial in a Metric world. Keep writing 🙂

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