Hats off to 2013

my exhibition 1

The more observant of my readers will notice that this photo shows me pointing to the poem from the previous post. (Pedants will notice that my hat is actually on, but that’s what comes from being a pedant.) Anyway, metaphorical and literal hats aside, in this first blog post of 2014 I will be looking back at my adventures in writing over the past year.

My first success of 2013 was achieving pulication in PAN, the creative writing magazine of University of Wales, Newport. If you are interested in reading the poem ‘My Welsh Roots’, it can be found here.  I also have a few copies of PAN.  As my vanity realistically needs no more than one, I would be happy to give a copy to each of  the first three people to leave a comment on this blog post, or who contact me via Facebook or Twitter.

Later in the year, I was pleased to win a place in a competition co-hosted by IdeasTap and Mardibooks.  This resulted in my ballad ‘The Inauspicious Beginnings of M. Parapluie’ being published in this anthology.

November then saw the exhibition of my visual poem ‘The Pursuit’, as demonstrated by the woman with the big grin and multiple chins in the above photograph.

Trosnant Writers, a group of fellow scribes to which I belong, published our second anthology in March.  The launch event for this collection was such a success that it has since become a regular fixture, in the form of Writers Aloud.  I have facilitated and participated in a number of these evenings, enjoying the chance to hear the work of others as well as reading my own.  Other opportunities to perform also emerged as appearances on Flame Radio, a locally run and charitably funded station which sadly went off-air recently due to lack of resources.  Believe me, though, it was fun whilst it lasted!

Time for a conclusion.  As readers of earlier incarnations of this blog will know, it has metamorphosed since I first started.  Early attempts at providing a platform for others to tell their stories was not as successful as I had envisaged, with the addition of my own personal tale creating no real improvement either.  Furhtermore, feedback from a professional editor added to my growing conviction that I am not ready to tell my personal story, especially as making my experiences more appealing and readable would require a level of honesty and vulnerability that I am not yet willing to display.

So, what is the conclusion?

Honest reflection over the past year would suggest that my natural medium is poetry.  I enjoy writing poems; I revel in the experience created when others encounter them, whether in written, visual or audible form.  I have to admit, I particularly enjoy performing poetry.

In October, I felt able to call myself a writer.  Perhaps I will now add my particular specialism.  My name is Dith Parry, and I am Performance Poet!


2 thoughts on “Hats off to 2013

  1. I’m very happy that you visited my blog, Dith. I don’t believe I’ve met a Performance Poet before, so I’m going to have a look around your site and see what that might be all about! Oh, and seeing as you’re stalking me, I’ll stalk you back. One good turn deserves another, don’t you think? 😛

    • Means we’ll be going round in circles, surely? 🙂

      Not sure you have a met a Performance Poet *now* in all honesty, but I guess if I take the name upon myself I know I will have to live up to it!

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