Making an exhibition of myself

I recently wrote a poem in response to a piece of jazz by Max Luthert. The music suggested to me the sound of a chase, and resulted in this concrete poem where the voices of pursuer and pursued can be seen to follow one another through a virtual landscape.


I then had the opportunity of spending my birthday with the fabulous Mel Ezra, which included our attendance at the opening of the Art Jazzed Up exhibtion, masterminded by one Alban Low. We enjoyed a great evening in the comapany of some very talented artists, musicians and writers at the Shaw Gallery in Croydon. You can find out more about the exhibition here

I personally derived a great deal of pleasure from seeing my work on display, thus betraying my relative novice status at this whole business of being an creative-type! I actually hope I never lose that sense of excitement and am very much looking forward to the next time…


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