As of now, the Telling Stories blog is going to be a place where I don’t try quite so hard. Instead, I hope to find some kind of unforced rhythm, and speak in a more authentic voice.

In light of this, here is something I prepared earlier. More specifically, by popular(!) request, my poem published in PAN (ooh, inadvertant alliteration).

My Welsh Roots

My name is Parry
And I lives in the Valleys
Where the houses huddle close
Clinging to the chill clay ground.
In these weather-beaten places
You will find such care-worn faces
Which belie their wry, dry humour;
Profane merging with profound.

My name is Parry
And I lives in this, my Valley
The place from where I journey
Yet which always calls me home.
I know hwyl deep in my heart
For the land that taught me hiraeth
And the soil in which I’m rooted
That has claimed me as its own.

For ‘though my name is Parry
And I loves it in my Valley,
This was not always the case
For I’m English through and through.
Yet, since Cymru bade me ‘Croeso’
I have never once looked back
It’s amazing what the love
of a good land – and man – will do.


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