For Carers Week: 10th-16th June.

I have been asked to write my story for this weblog.

Why me?

Because I am the wife of a man who had Dementia. Dementia is easy to say and easy to write but not so easy to understand.

‘Why me?’ is a very good question.

When Chris was first diagnosed there was no magical clap of thunder that turned him from one sort of person into another. There was no particular moment telling me that this day or that week was the start of the disease. But like the constant ebb and flow of sea on rocks it had continued to erode his memory.

In the early years, there were things he gradually became incapable of doing but on the other hand there was still plenty he could do, so life, while being rather strange, was still fairly normal. His changes were so gradual that I found I was learning to deal with them as they came along.

What I didn’t have, for a long time, was any real back up. It was only after coming across a support group called ‘Solace’ that I found real help and advice. I found kindred spirits and fantastic volunteer helpers who has already made this journey and knew exactly what I was trying to cope with.

I do recommend that you find out about and make use of similar groups in your area. No matter how supportive friends and family may be, there is nothing like the relief and reassurance you feel when you are in the company of people who know just how things are – even when you haven’t told them.

If you would like to know more about me and my journey, as well as find additional support, please visit ‘Dementia Carers Problems Shared’ website, I would be very happy to welcome you there.

God bless,

Jill Grey, Cardiff


One thought on “For Carers Week: 10th-16th June.

  1. Reblogged this on Telling Stories and commented:

    Just over a year ago, Jill Grey helped me to launch this weblog in its initial form. She has now published a book called ‘After the Rehearsal’ which charts the ups and downs of her time caring for her husband with dementia.

    This is the original post from that time.

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